Have you ever ordered from a restaurant's dollar menu and ended up spending $5.00 or more?

Consider the dollar stores, each item may be a dollar but, your total bill is usually much more than a dollar.
Because the average person will buy something they have no real need or want for,  just because it's a dollar.

J.A.L. Ministries is asking you to make a better decision with your dollar through it's "Donate a Dollar" Fundraising Project.

Challeging you to, forgo that dollar hamburger, buy one less dollar store item and make a "Dollar" Donation to
Joint Anointed Leader's Ministries, where your dollar will best benefit people in need.

First Saturday of each Month!

Saturdays are the busiest shopping day of the week, because of this. J.A.L.M. has set aside the First Saturday of each month as  "Donate a Dollar Day" on this day you are challenged to "Donate the Dollar" you would have spent on something unneedful.

What can your "Dollar" Donation Help  J.A.L. Ministries Do?

It can help put food on the table of hungry families

It can help a family not be evicted.

It can help with funding our youth events, encouraging kids to stay off drugs and stay in school.

It can help keep a young person in college.

It can help keep other Ministries going.

It can do so much more than that extra burger you may buy from a dollar menu.

And so much more than that dollar store item, which is here today and trash tomorrow!
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"Donate a Dollar" Fundraising Challenge
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Joint Anointed Leader's Ministries is an I.R.S. 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  Your tax deductable gift can  be given securely online by using  PayPal or Google Checkout. Thank you for your gift!
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